• MapleStory - Events Take Place In The Planet Eluna [07/21/2017]
    The planet Eluna brings many events and rewards to Maple World! One of the events is the Ryuul, a highly-advanced space-faring race, which share twinkly Elunarium ore to adventurers.
  • MapleStory: Override Venture Update Events [07/14/2017]
    It's time to learn more about the new Override: Venture update in MapleStory! The Override adds two new areas: Eluna and Arcana. The former is a planet full of minerals on its surface for you to mining for EXP. The latter contains Arcane River and mysterious forest where will be occupied by darkness. Plus, there are many places for you to travel: Lachelein, Dream Defender, Fantasy Theme World dungeon and Nihal Desert.
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