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The WoW Factor : The Diablo Effect

One of the more interesting facets in World of Warcraft is upcoming expansion Mists of Pandaria is Challenge Mode. In our latest WoW Factor, we take a look at Challenge Mode and what it means for players. Check it out and then leave your thoughts in the comments. Instances by their own right are fun. They are a quick way to pass the time in an MMO and usually don’t take too long. Challenge Mode now comes in to give players an even faster reason to finish instances. I cannot really say how I feel about this idea in WoW. I don’t think it is bad for the game, and if anything it is one of the pieces of Pandaria that I truly like the most. The faster your team can complete a dungeon the quicker you are to getting a medal. Gold, Silver, and Bronze make up the winnings. wow gold. In some ways I definitely like the challenge that this presents to players. There are several catches though.