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World of Warcraft : Community Spirit I: World of Warcraft writer Phil James admits to being something of a lone wolf in his game life. So what is he doing writing about Community Spirit? Well, that is the thing: Phil is trying to break out of his solo mode and LFG. See how successful Phil has been in finding a community in World of Warcraft. Let us know what you think in the comments. Recently, I love found myself between games, and by recently I mean for almost a year - I love just not been able to find one to stick with. Maybe part of the problem is that I do not involve myself with the community of the games I play. cheap wow power leveling. it is pretty well documented by countless players across many forums that playing with their friends was the only thing that kept them coming back to game X, Y or Z. Could be where I am going wrong. I mean one game is pretty much like another these days. There are exceptions, but most play out in similar ways. So maybe my missing ingredient is socialisation. What I need is the right group of people to play with, and then I’ll find a reason to be that game for the long haul.