• Final Fantasy XIV: A Number Of Changes Are Being Implemented [08/19/2017]
    Square Enix has create an epic MMORPG, with FFXIV Stormblood, players will instead choose from Role Based Actions, there are several role, caster or healer, tanks, ranged/melee DPS, and be able to equip up to five abilities at a time. Final Fantasy XIV made some changes for its Job and PvP, stay tuned FFXIV4GIL for more information and guides on the game, find more at here.
  • The Elder Scrolls Online: DLC Horns Of The Reach Is Already Available [08/16/2017]
    The first DLC of The Elder Scrolls Online has arrived since last month's launch of ESO Morrowind in June. The Horns of the Reach content brings two new dungeons and several unpublished items.
  • Niantic Confirmed Three Legendary Pokemons [07/29/2017]
    Niantic finally decided to share with us information about the exact periods in which the individual birds of the legendary trio will appear.
  • NBA 2K18: The New Features Of MyGM And MyLEAGUE Modes [07/29/2017]
    In addition to new screenshots, 2K gave some details about the new features of MyGM-MyLEAGUE modes in NBA 2K18.
  • Albion Online: What Hidden Behind The Character Builder [07/28/2017]
    At the same time, the developers of Sandbox Interactive have also made the so-called Character Builder available with the launch of the Albion Online game.
  • Trove - The Gathering Light Quest [07/28/2017]
    Each day you logining to The Gathering Light, you will be rewarded with prizes such as Chaos Chests, Patron Passes, Greater Dragon Caches, and etc.
  • MU Legend Developers Will Offer The Public The Best Experience [07/27/2017]
    For the upcoming Global OBT of MU Legend, in the coming months, the game team will continue to refine the translation of the 6 available languages. MU Legend developers will offer the public the best possible experience during the Global OBT. The Global OBT will aslo be an opportunity to discover new content. Players can explore solo or with friends a rich and vast world through an epic story.
  • Albion Online Introduced The Character Builder Feature [07/27/2017]
    Albion Online released a new feature after its official release, the Albion Online Character Builder! It's a new tool not only allows you to create new builds, but also make you can share your work with Albion community.
  • The Shadow Tower Update In Trove - Eclipse [07/26/2017]
    Trove has its own Eclipse now! It's said that there is a total solar eclipse bringing new invasions to the Shadow Tower.
  • MU Legend Is The Most Talked About The Action MMO Game [07/25/2017]
    A long time ago, when sekneum, the god of destruction, awakened. Create sage kundun sealed him within his body. A thousand years have passed since then Kundun became the monarch of darkness. Having lost the fight against sekneum inside him. The world is coming to an end. Now, the imperial city of lorencia is the only place left standing. Go to kethotoom, the lair of the dark monarch and help Icarus seal away the monster. Do you want to know more details about the origin of the game? Reference from here.
  • U4GM Are Currently The Leading Sellers Of Currency Worldwide [07/24/2017]
    Some gamers thinks MU Legend was the first game to make them seriously compete against each other. Previously, there were many games where you could compete against friends. But, for MU Legend, it must have been the first game that had the depth that was worth investing time and effort into. It made gamers realize that overcoming challenges in the game was fun very much.
  • Buy MU Legend Zen: U4GM Are Exactly The Place You Should Go For [07/21/2017]
    In MU Legend, players can fully orient their adventure, you will be a skilled boss hunter with high combat skills or support for more awesome teammates. The game will enter its the Global Open Beta Test in September this year, if you are eager to participate in the test and the need to buy MU Legend Zen & MU Legend Power Leveling. Webzen recently made the whole world gamer community to be zealous.
  • Albion Online - Where Are Your Limits [07/20/2017]
    The German Sandbox-MMORPG Albion Online is officially launched this week. Since Monday, the first adventurers have been humming along the shores of the Start Islands, and since then they have been writing the story of Albion with their deeds.
  • DOFUS Touch Event: Be Part Of Missive 7 [07/21/2017]
    Apply as an in-game moderator now! Be part of #MissiveDT7 by sending us your questions!
  • MapleStory - Events Take Place In The Planet Eluna [07/21/2017]
    The planet Eluna brings many events and rewards to Maple World! One of the events is the Ryuul, a highly-advanced space-faring race, which share twinkly Elunarium ore to adventurers.
  • Pokemon GO Fest: Mystery Challenge And Various Bonuses [07/21/2017]
    With the GO Fest, Pokemon GO is celebrating its one-year anniversary. However, there is currently confusion within the community about various details of the event, especially the legendary Pokemon and the so-called Mysterious Challenges. In our news, we light up and tell you everything you need to know.
  • PvP Mode & PvE Mode In MU Legend And Its The New Phase [07/20/2017]
    MU Legend is a truly refreshing gameplay, especially the story content. You will be able to have more fun in the game, MU Legend features a guild system, skill trees, a quest system as well as different game modes/dungeon objectives. Now, you can pick up loot to craft gear, and join a party with friends to experience the group dungeons. When it comes to buy MU Legend Zen and MU Legend Power Leveling, gamers first think of going U4GM.
  • The Developer Of MU Legend Is Trying To Recreate The Scenario [07/19/2017]
    Through playing MU Legend, players will able to find out with why Kundun was revived as the Lord of Darkness. The developer is trying to recreate the scenario and new content. In all honestly, MU Legend may be perfect for you. Formerly known as MU 2, MU Legend is the much-hyped new MMORPG.
  • Pokemon GO Updated To Version 0.69.0 For Android And 1.39.0 For iOS [07/19/2017]
    The latest version 0.69.0 is available in Pokemon GO for Android now. You can also download the v1.39.0 on iOS devices. This time's updates are mainly about Gym Battle along with various bug fixes.
  • DOFUS Touch News: Vulkania Archipelago Will Debut For The First Time [07/19/2017]
    Do you have any plan about where to begin the holiday adventure in this summer? If the answer is no, check out the island of Vulkania, a new home to a very special wildlife that including tropical jungle with extravagant colors, white sandy beaches, steaming craters and crystalline caves...
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