• DOFUS Touch News: Vulkania Archipelago Will Debut For The First Time [07/19/2017]
    Do you have any plan about where to begin the holiday adventure in this summer? If the answer is no, check out the island of Vulkania, a new home to a very special wildlife that including tropical jungle with extravagant colors, white sandy beaches, steaming craters and crystalline caves...
  • Hot 50% Off Chloromancer Sale In Trove [07/19/2017]
    This time's hot sale is Cholormancer-themed items. On July 24, you can get 50% off when buying Cholormancer and all Chloro costumes. So you can enjoy kitting out your Chloromancer class with a closetful of colorful costumes.
  • MU Legend Is The Good Game Coming In The Near Years [07/18/2017]
    MU Legend was a lot of fun to play with friends. The combat feels smooth and dungeons can be challenging. At the moment MU Legend is the good game coming in the near years. In MU Legend, when you created a character you got into the main town and you just went out killing some monsters and getting some MU Legend Zen & MU Legend Power Leveling and buy some items, it was awesome!
  • All Players Like MU Legend And Enjoy Their Time In-game [07/17/2017]
    MU Legend will grow stronger and more attractive. Webzen seems to have an extremely large-scale intentions, from the first the Closed Beta Test and the second Closed Beta Test, to be honest, both are a huge success. At U4GM, there are more details about the twice Closed Beta Test, if you longing to know more, highly recommend visit here.
  • MapleStory 2 2nd Anniversary From July 7 [07/17/2017]
    To celebrate the MapleStory 2 2nd Anniversary on July 7, 2017, MapleStory 2 released new videos to remember the adventurers' memory in Maple World.
  • New Trove Xbox One Patch - July 17 [07/17/2017]
    The Xbox One version of Trove released a patch. There are some small fixes in the Trove content. You can even see an update in the Chaos Crafter recipe.
  • Pokemon GO Tips: How To Defeat The Raid Boss [07/17/2017]
    With the recently released major Gym Update for Pokemon GO, Niantic has released raids for the first time as a PvE feature for larger game groups. How these raids work and what rewards are waiting for you, can be found here in our guide.
  • Trove - SunFestivis For The Restivus (7/14) [07/15/2017]
    A Trove fan, TeeKayM designed a special mount and Trion added it to the game. Trovesaurus will periodically restock this mount so that players can always get one.
  • MU Legend Gamers Hopes The Global OBT Will Come Sooner [07/14/2017]
    Gamers from throughout the world can't wait to meet the upcoming Global Open Beta Test. All gamers hopes it will come sooner, so we also believed we might see a brand new the Global Open Beta Test. Now, let's we look back on the game's main features.
  • Unlock Your DOFUS Pets In DOFUS Touch [07/14/2017]
    With the coming of new game DOFUS Pets, players are able to unlock your pet in DOFUS Touch and continue your adventure with the cute pet you own.
  • MapleStory: Override Venture Update Events [07/14/2017]
    It's time to learn more about the new Override: Venture update in MapleStory! The Override adds two new areas: Eluna and Arcana. The former is a planet full of minerals on its surface for you to mining for EXP. The latter contains Arcane River and mysterious forest where will be occupied by darkness. Plus, there are many places for you to travel: Lachelein, Dream Defender, Fantasy Theme World dungeon and Nihal Desert.
  • Pokemon GO: Play Together Worldwide [07/14/2017]
    So far, Pokemon GO players were not quite as enthusiastic about the anniversary event. In addition to a special gift box and a Pikachu with Ash hat, Niantic did not deliver much. Now, however, the developers have kicked off the event with the "events around the world" event, and the fans are likely to be mild again. Players in Europe can look forward to Safari Zone events.
  • Albion Online: Go To The Magical Land Of Albion [07/13/2017]
    No longer long, then start the adventures in the Sandbox MMORPG Albion Online. The Intro Video was now published for the mood.
  • MU Legend: Looking Back On The CBT And Looking Forward To OBT [07/13/2017]
    Webzen continue to study the new MMORPG MU Legend in the Global Open Beta Test. In MU Legend, you can see the Battleground Altar of Spirits PvP 5x5, the passage of mission maps Endless Tower and Blood Castle, as well as the final boss in the epic dungeon Dragon's Heaven. You will also be able to compete with a huge number of opponents, explorations of scenic locations, craft and so forth.
  • MU Legend Had A Fairly Decent Player Base [07/12/2017]
    MU Legend is a refreshing gameplay that a great deal of gamers enjoyed it, especially the story content, richer and more attractive. Many gamers wondering if MU Legend had a fairly decent player base, undoubtedly, MU Legend is a popular MMORPG gameplay that features powerful gamer base.
  • The Elder Scrolls Online: Horns Of The Reach DLC Announced [07/12/2017]
    Zenimax announces the Horns of the Reach DLC for The Elder Scrolls Online. The DLC adds two new dungeons. In addition, there is also a free update with a new PvP mode.
  • Play The New Incarnam In The World Of DOFUS Touch [07/12/2017]
    To celebrate the coming of the Lairs of Incarnam, DOFUS Touch hold an Incarnam-themed photo contest.
  • Pokemon GO: It Is Said The GO Fest Will Feature Legendaries [07/11/2017]
    We are all eagerly awaiting the moment when Niantic finally decides to share the legendary pokemon. That is why all the rumors are heating up the already hot atmosphere.
  • MU Legend Will Open Its Global Server In September 2017 [07/12/2017]
    Webzen's MU Legend is known for its "hack and slash" nature (called hacking slash), which arouses blood-thirsty action. Certainly MU game fans in general and MU Legend in particular can not ignore this opportunity to experience.
  • Trove Sunfest Daily Login Bonus Celebration (July 12 To July 24) [07/12/2017]
    A new event launched by Trove is going on! The Sunfest Daily Login Bonus Celebration which provide daily Golden Ticket Chests starts on July 12th and ends on July 24.
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