A Guide on How to Make Mesos Faster in MapleStory - Leveling For Mesos

igsstar Date: May/11/17 16:21:37 Views: 1250

This article covers more tips about levelling your character in MapleStory to make more mesos faster.

Are you already making more mesos for your characters in Maple Story using our mesos-making strategies in our guides yet?

Here is another training tip for you today:

If you are training to level up your characters, you need to go to Areas where the monsters will drop items that are being used for quests. Training at the right areas will actually make you more mesos than you think!

My Professional Mapler friend John used to train in the Secret Pig Beach to level up his character and the Pig heads that he picked up there can sell for as much as 5K per piece!

So, as you are levelling up your character in the game, you will receive loads of quest items which can then be sold to other fellow MapleStory players that are looking to complete the quest quickly, without having them to try to spend a lot of time to go out and fight for the quest items themselves.

Remember to try out this tip the next time you play Maple Story! This tip works well for you no matter if you are a MapleStory Warrior, Magician, Bowman or Thief because every character class needs as much mesos as they can to buy the best armour and equipment that they can possibly afford.

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