Lost Ark: The complete guide to getting noble banquet outfits

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Welcome to our Lost Ark game guide, where we will talk about how to get costumes for the noble rank.


Lost Ark: The complete guide to getting noble banquet outfits



What should you learn about noble banquet costumes in Lost Ark?

These skins almost always require us to use the money to get them. Although the possibility of other options is presented, given that they were added with a recent update. At the same time, their appearance in the game is maintained. We will see many more skins, now trying to understand how to get noble banquet costumes. Let's see what the following details offer us.



Lost Ark: How to get the Mark of Protection?

After spending a little money, it is possible that they can be obtained directly from Lost Ark. This is the easiest to do quickly. Through the store tab, we will see them in stock. It will be highlighted here that the sale of weapons and equipment design is in a separate deal, then you need 1110 crystals, so you need 20 dollars to buy royal crystals to become regular crystals. We can even use currency exchange to have crystals for free. With Lost Ark Gold, you can get crystals worth 5550 to 6000 gold.


Among the options is skipping the Ark in terms of how to get noble banquet outfits, which is the most beneficial option if we are going to spend our money because we can add some materials that will help us improve our characters, even though they are more expensive than the store, now if that doesn't interest us, we can use the Ark passes for free or the store option, or by spending Gold, it should be noted that through the Ark pass you get a set of aspects every five levels we complete, after level 15, but if we don't complete it we won't reach the whole scene, it's essential to complete the missions for it.


Now that we know how to get the Noble Banquet Outfits, you need to do it to move on to Lost Ark.


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