Fallen Earth : March State of the Game Letter Shows Player-Made Town Art

igsstar Date: May/11/17 16:40:37 Views: 1008
The Outpost is set to bring something entirely new to Fallen Earth. The March State of the Game letter allows the team behind the town is creation to show off several interesting teaser screens and artwork. According to Marie Croall, the town will be similar to the Citadel, but larger with more robust features. We’re currently in the process of finishing up the models for the buildings that players will be able to build and testing them internally. WOW power leveling. In addition to these structures we are also working on new armor for The Outpost, but we’ll get more into those next month. So for the big question is – when is it coming? Now that we are able to focus 100% on The Outpost we are looking to get a testable version on PTS in April with an eye on releasing in May.