Find More Details In NBA 2K18 Videos

igsstar Date: Aug/23/17 16:56:37 Views: 1296

The launch of the NBA 2K18 for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch (digital version, physics later) is expected for September 19. This new release, developed by 2K Sports, will offer basketball enthusiasts all the excitement of the North American league thanks to the inclusion of all the equipment of the different conferences and the modes of game that offers so that we play like the stars of the NBA.



One of the modalities we can find in NBA 2K18 is MyTEAM, which returns with improvements and some new features compared to what was seen in previous releases and we can see in the video in the following video.




In the video we can open the different ways to play it as well as the armed of our team, play the play-offs with him, going through the possibility of disputing all kinds of challenges, until we can manage every detail, the MyTEAM mode offers us all class Of possibilities. 2K Sports is working to provide the most complete experience possible and to keep us on the courts for a long time.


Look how they created it:




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