Garrett Fuller : 4.2 is WoW Déjà vu

igsstar Date: May/11/17 16:23:45 Views: 1523
With today is deployment of the World of Warcraft v4.2 patch, ""Rage in the Firelands"", Industry Relations Manager Garrett Fuller is feeling like he is been there, done that. He remembers the heady days of raiding the Molten gold. Check out Garrett is thoughts about Rage in the Firelands and then let us know your thoughts. Today we get Patch 4.2 from World of Warcraft. As a WoW player from day one it feels kind of like déjà vu all over again. I raided Molten Core, a lot, in the early years. I remember downing Ragnaros for the first time; it was amazing. Now here we are with another fire based zone and it is 2011. Seven boss fights in an epic raid and all of the trimmings. More daily quests which actualy look to be the gem of the Firelands patch. Loot, gear, flying mounts, but havenot we seen all of this before?