guild is Eye View : Is Blizzard Losing Its Community?

igsstar Date: May/11/17 16:39:22 Views: 995
In guild is Eye View this week, columnist Sean Stalzer checks up on and takes the virtual pulse of the World of Warcraft community. Is the WoW community in need of heroic life support measures or is it as vibrant and healthy as it appears? Check out Sean is thoughts and then offer up a few of your own. All of that matters because it begs the question of ""is Blizzard in danger of losing their community?"" If there is one thing Blizzard is not known for it is being fast at creating content. While many would say they create compelling, polished, entertaining, top tier content (and I would agree) they are far from fast at doing so. When WoW first came out, there was a public commitment to 1 expansion per year. In actuality there has been about one every 2 gold. The first new major content patch (the 4.2 patch that adds a new raid zone and a new crop of daily quests) is still in testing. Blizzard is not fast at creating content.