guild is Eye View : Remote Guild Chat - The Good & the Bad

igsstar Date: May/11/17 16:29:23 Views: 1006
In today is guild is Eye View, columnist Sean Stalzer takes a look at remote guild chat in World of Warcraft. Sean is contention is that community is the lifeblood of any MMO and chat is an integral part of ensuring that a community feels connected. Check out Sean is thoughts about remote guild chat in WoW and then weigh in with your own thoughts. I will likely reassert this premise many times more in the future but... Successful communities are the lifeblood of a successful MMORPG. Game developers that invest in the right tools and development of a culture that fosters successful communities will have the successful MMORPGs of the future. wow gold. One of the areas that more focus needs to be paid to is the ""always on"" aspect of gaming. By that I mean things such as being able to communicate with your guild or friends, at any time, from anywhere, whether you are in the game or not.