Here is how to get your free World of Warcraft epic mount Hearthsteed

igsstar Date: May/11/17 16:56:23 Views: 990
Following the official release of Hearthstone last night, Blizzard is giving away a free epic mount to World of Warcraft owners if they play enough of its new collectible card battler. Hearthsteed looks like a magical Pegasus, with a nifty blue glowing effect. wow power leveling. Dataminers had previously found a red glowing version of the mount in a WoW patch, which was presumed to be the Horde version of Hearthsteed, although this is not the case at present--you well only get a glowing blue version right now. To obtain the mount, you well need to win three games against real, human opponents in Hearthstone is Play or Arena modes. Not too tricky… but it does mean you well have to play enough Hearthstone to get a basic understanding of the game. If you have been playing Hearthstone already, you well need to get three more wins to be eligible. you well know you have got it when you see the Mount Up! award (pictured right). Obtaining Hearthsteed will also give any of your World of Warcraft characters the ""Hearthstoned"" achievement. Blizzard also recently announced that players will be able to upgrade one World of Warcraft character to level 90 by preordering upcoming expansion World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor.