How To Be A Successful TERA Priest

igsstar Date: Jul/13/18 14:23:35 Views: 2598

Priests are the "default" healers in TERA currently. Back in the day there were many mystics but for some reason, they are all gone, the reason is a mysterious one because it's not a real one. I guess it's like the story with the monkey that the monkeys beat up the others. Priests were always a lot more defensive but for some unknown reason, they also became a lot more offensive due to ES buff and CDR. Do you think you're thrilled to understand your massive update at this time? The item needs to be a pleasant trip. Just simply choose Tera gold buying upon U4GM to start out one's fantastic encounter. In case you have trouble throughout obtaining Tera gold, each of our 24/7 Live Chat will help you once you call us. Have some fun!



Priests are much easier to bully than mystics and literally, everyone can bully priests in TERA under the right circumstances. Anyone can solo a priest with buffs and luck and situation and like I said this game isn't about soloing so its rarely ever 1v1. Unlike mystics, priests are a lot more sensitive to their own positioning and they have to be much more mindful of that.. luckily for them, immersion doesn't have an annoying animation lock and can be cast while moving - providing a lot more "mobile heal" playstyle as you can cast the majority of your skills while moving. 


>> Energy Stars. Well it gets a special mention, ES used to be a weak buff when 3v3 was first introduced, priests didn't even use it. For some mysterious reason the skill got overbuffed to oblivion, it gives approximately 18% damage and 10% attack speed and is incredibly important and vital. You could even say that the game revolves around energy stars. It might be a bit far-fetched but a team with ES has a huge advantage against a team without ES. Even noobs do more damage with energy stars and good players are given access to longer/better combos (thanks to the attack speed and damage) and can solo anyone. 


ES is a high priority on priest list and I would say that having ES is even more important than getting healed (Unless you are about to die, obviously staying alive is #1 priority). You should always have energy stars up, glyph it if you want either way you MUST have energy stars up, even if its 2v3 you have more chance winning 2v3 with ES than trying to res a dead guy. ES is massively underrated by healers but not by DDs for a reason. If you wanna play with your teammates then learn to respect what they say and do the guddumn ES already. 


>> Cleanse (purifying circle, whatever). Priest cleanse is OP, it has 18 meters range and fast cast with a low cooldown. It can save you lots of damage that you'd have to heal so spam it as much as you can, it is your #2 priority (#1 is staying alive, but cleanse usage helps to that #1 priority). Imagine a warrior does counter stun on your sorcerer whos on 80% hp and then the warrior backstabs your sorcerer right after, what do you do? Obviously, you cleanse again. Doesn't matter that you used it 2 seconds ago, use it again. 


You need to know what to cleanse and you need to cleanse all the time. Priest cleanse is way better than mystic one and it gives you stagger and knockdown immunity so don't be scared to use it even when you are focused, you can also use the cleanse to resist an incoming knockdown (like berserker TS or slayer or something) and if you use guardian sanctuary at the same time as cleansing you are immune to everything in the game. There are few cases in which prioritizing something else (such as healing or regaining mana) is better than cleansing a stun, stuff like this you can easily learn in solo queue as I have learned myself. 


>> Guardian Sanctuary. Is also OP, like most priest skills. Don't be afraid to use guardian sanctuary, if you have to leave your pillar and you're unsure of your safety (backstabs, Giga leashes, sleep, fears) then go ahead and use it. GS doesn't serve you if you are dead. Don't keep GS to res a dead guy and keep GS to prevent a guy from dying. Spam that skill whenever you need it, it's very good and it's awesome to recover from a bad spot. GS is what mystics wished they have.


>> Mana charge~ don't forget that mana charge gives mana to your teammates as well, that can heavily snowball pressure towards your side and also mana charge is free so you should use it whenever you can.


>> Mana infusion ~ spam mana infusion whenever. Tera's mana system is incredibly dynamic and you go up and down, up and down, don't be scared to lose mana infusion for whatever reason and just reuse it again. It has a low CD and you need mana. Many healers have problems with mana because they don't use infusion enough.


To be a successful priest you should know what classes are capable of and how to counter it when on yourself and when on your teammates. You should know what your teammates are capable of and how to assist them in different ways.