Introducing the New Account

igsstar Date: May/11/17 16:21:37 Views: 1175

We are pleased to introduce the account -- a brand-new

way for players to manage their Blizzard Entertainment games,

make online Blizzard store purchases, log in to World of Warcraft,

and more using just one set of login information. World of Warcraft

players now have the option to create a account, merge

a World of Warcraft account (or multiple accounts) with it, and

begin logging in to the game, the Armory, and the forums using

their new account login information.

Merge your World of Warcraft Account now

Some of the benefits of the account include:

* Fewer passwords to remember. One single login lets you access

World of Warcraft, the online Blizzard store, and more -- including

upcoming games such as StarCraft II and Diablo III.
* Opt in to upcoming Blizzard Entertainment beta tests. Put

yourself in the running to be invited to test upcoming games.
* Easy access to your classic games. Store your CD keys for classic

Blizzard Entertainment titles, and then download the games

whenever you wish.
* And more to come... We are planning to add more features in

the future, including tools to help friends communicate between

games and bring players closer together.

At this time, signing up is completely optional -- but if you are

interested in taking advantage of the benefits of the

account today, check out the FAQ for more information, or create

an account now.