Knight Online:Halloween Event Guide

igsstar Date: May/11/17 16:56:23 Views: 1028
Hail Knights! The time has finally come, and our newest server is here! But that isnt the only thing happening right now that should have you excited! The Hallowen Event has arrived and we want to make sure you get to enjoy all the fun that is packed into this event. To make sure you dont miss out on anything, we got your back and have provided a Guide to the quests! Knight noah. Check it out (yes there is a lot to do): Quest Guides: Jack O Lantern Where : Jack O’Lantern near Moradon Anvil (NOTE: Turkish Client NPC Name: Hayalet Asci, but not the same as the other Hayalet Asci/Ghost Chef) Quest Details: Use Pumpkin Masks item given to you by the Jack O’Lantern on you or on other players 5 times. After items are used up visit the NPC for a reward. (Pumpkin Masks are given by the NPC after choosing the ""Put on Halloween Lantern"" option) Rewards: One Material of Halloween Cane or Material of Halloween Spear. Other rewards such as Halloween transformation scroll can be obtained as well Ghost Chef – Level 40 to 60 Where: Ghost Cheft near the Moradon Fortune Teller Quest Details: Purchase a fork from the Sundries and defeat 5 Pumpkin Lantern ghosts which are floating around through the Moradon city. Rewards: Pumpkin flavored Chocolate & Pumpkin Flavored Jelly [Eslant] Fortune Teller – No Level Restriction Where: Back of Moradon castle next to [Manager] Billbor Quest Details: Visit NPC and take the quest then go to either El Morad Castle or Luferson Castle and defeat the Spirits of Ancient Heroes which are located directly outside the castles. Rewards: Once Piece of Pumpkin Mask, One Piece of Scream Mask or One Piece of a Devil’s Mask To make a Mask you will need at least 5 pieces. Blue Dragon Where: Blue Dragon NPC in Folk Village Quest Details: Defeat Blue Dragon monster near Zombie Graveyard in Moradon Rewards: Ascent Scroll, Letter of Bue Dragon White Tiger Where: White Tiger NPC at the lower left of Moradon stairs Quest Details: Defeat 5 opponents in the Chaos battle Rewards: Letter of White Tiger Hyunmoo Where: Hyunmoo NPC in El Morad and Luferson Castle (by teleportation gates) Quest Details: Answer questions given by Hyunmoo’s Disciples which are located in each town (El Morad and Luferson). If you answer a question wrong you will have to start the quest over. Rewards: 50 Contribution Points, Letter of Hyunmoo Phoenix Where: Near Lunar Gate Entrance Quest Details: After winning Border Defense War visit Phoenix NPC to obtain a Letter of Phoenix. Rewards: Letter of Phoenix, Seal of Phoenix, Zombie Transformation Scroll Hoon Min Jung Um Where: Linguist NPC in Moradon next to Billbor. Quest Details: Quest #1: Collect 25 sets of the 4 books Hoon Min Jung Um from higher level monsters, and 3 letters of the Gods listed above (Blue Dragon, White Tiger, Phoenix) and return to Linguist NPC Quest #2: Collect any of the Hoon Min Jung Eum drops and return to Linguist NPC Quest Rewards: Quest #1: Fan Weapon Quest #2: 1) EXP Jewel: 10% exp bonus for 30 min 2) Def Jewel: 25% def increase for 30 min 3) Life Jewel: HP 250 increase for 30 min 4) Contribution Jewel: Contribute +4 increase for 30 min We will see you in game! Have fun! NTTGame || KOW Team