Knight Online:New Year Patch!

igsstar Date: May/11/17 16:56:23 Views: 995
Hello Dear Knight Online World Community! Winter has come with new year and Knight Online Team decided to bring you KO New Year Patch! Here is a brief information about the events and quests! Quest 1 Parfait needs you to bring her Christmas Crystals to decorate with! Lend her a hand and gather 10 Christmas Crystals from monsters around the world. You’ll have an 8% chance of looting a Christmas Crystal from a defeated monster appropriate for your level. If you bring her 10 Christmas Crystals, Parfait will reward you with one of various items, including a Snowman Transformation Scroll, Candy Cane, or various accessories. This quest is repeatable. You can find Parfait in Moradon at the bottom left of the main staircase. Quest 2 Santa Claus himself needs help gathering 10 Gift Materials, but a bunch of powerful monsters have stolen them all away! Gather your strength and travel to El Morad Castle or Luferson Castle to face down against a string of Boss Monsters. Knight noah. These Bosses will spawn at regular intervals throughout the day outside each Castle and all Knights within proximity of them upon defeat will be granted a Gift Material. Collect 10 Gift Materials and return to Santa Claus to receive a festive Santa Hat. This quest is repeatable. You can find Santa Claus in Moradon next to the Magic Anvil. Quest 3: Degrade Mid-Grade Items for Christmas Crystals Visit the Mysterious Old Man NPC to begin collecting some Christmas Crystals! You will need to destroy mid-grade items in order to earn the Crystals! 5 of the same type of Crystal can be used to create a buff crystal. Quest 4 Rudolph the Reindeer has been grounded! He has landed near water and is looking for a tasty snack! Knights will need to fish for a good meal to provide Rudolph outside of El Morad Castle or Luferson Castle. You will need to bring 10 Mudskipper’s and 10 Salmon to Rudolph. In return he will provide you with Cupid Wings! This quest is repeatable, though you’ll need a Fishing Rod and Worms to fish for items. You can get one from a [Sundries Dealer] or a Golden Fishing pole from EXP Premiums. Humans can find Rudolph at El Morad Castle’s fishing hole. Karus can find Rudolph at Luferson Castle’s fishing hole. Quest 5 Evil Snowmen have invaded Moradon! [Manager] Bilbor has tasked you to take these snowmen and collect Snow Crystals! In turn he will provide you with Special Jewels! You will need to purchase the Snowball item from Sundries dealers in order to use against the Evil Snowmen. When you have collected 5 return to Bilibor for a Jewel of EXP, Life, Contribution, or Defense. Quest is repeatable! Epic Snowball Fight Winter has come to Knight Online and the time has come to put the swords and bows down, and pick up a snowball! Each Nation will enter the battleground through the Lunar Gate at the set time, and fighting will be done with snowballs only. You will battle for contribution points and the ultimate goal of destroying the other nations Giant Snowman! A. Rules -HP will be 100 when entering the fight zone. -Only available weapon is snowball (no other weapons or buffs can be used) -Snowball attack level 10 -Each Nation’s Giant Snowman has 5000 HP. B. Schedule -Every Tuesday 08:00pm ~ 09:00pm CET C. Prizes -Obtain Contribution and Ladder point per kill. (lose points for death) -If the other nation’s giant snowman is killed, all the members of the winning nation receive 50 National and 50 Contribution points. Other Additions: - Be sure to find the Fireworks, Candy Cane, and Snowball items in Sundries now! - Enjoy the holiday sights and sounds in Moradon Castle as well as each nations Castles! We wish you to spend great times with this new patch! NTT Game | Knight Online World Team