Lost Ark: The complete guide to tier 1 content

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Lost Ark: The complete guide to tier 1 content


How to get started with Tier 1 content?

The endgame of Lost Arks is impressive and stunning. At tier 50, you find yourself in a world with little or no direction. All you have is a ship, a huge map, and a vague idea that you need to upgrade your equipment.

This guide will guide you through the early stages of the endgame, including island quests, gear honing, Chaos Dungeons, Abyss Dungeons, Guardian Raids, and more. The first part of the endgame is called tier 1, then comes tier 2, and finally tier 3.




Tier 1 starts at item tier 250 - it's your starting gear that you get after completing the quests in North Verne to get the Awakening and Power Pass. Here is a step-by-step guide on what you need to do first.


1. You can head north across the glaciers to Shushir.

The world quest here lasts about 2 hours but gives you a tier 302 starter gear set.


2. Complete the first Chaos Dungeon.

If you'd instead start grinding, you can complete your first Guardian raids, Chaos Dungeons, and Abyss Dungeons. You will get the same gear tier 302 as in the first Chaos Dungeon (which is excellent), but you will lose the extra mats, Lost Ark gold, and other materials from the Shushir quest. Abyss Dungeons are available from item tier 340 and should be cleared immediately. Each week you receive only two tasks.


3. You should unlock and start completing Unas' quests.

These are your daily quests and are an essential part of the gear acquisition process. Be sure to choose quests with Jump Stones and Shards of Harmony - a good example is a quest from Peyto to ride a taxi or kill the revived horse riders in the Fesnar Highlands.


4. Sharpen your gear.

The main goal of the game now is to upgrade equipment. This can be done at a grinder in North Verne or another major city. Upgrading items requires Shards of Harmony, which are earned by completing quests and tasks on the islands and in dungeons and raids.


5. Complete missions on the islands.

Island quests are essential if you want to increase your gear rating quickly. Here is a brief description of which path you should take through the islands.

Swim across from the east of Luterra.

Visit Tranquility Island, Toto Silver Island, Liberty Island, Black Fang Lair, and Lullaby Island in that order.


Liberty Islands and Blackfangs Den are the two best islands to get Pirate Coins - you will need Pirate Coins to purchase Resonance Song from Peyto's ship (Treasurer Ingram), which is used during the world event on Lullaby Island (every two hours, keep an eye on the alarms!


Follow Astella, Starlight Island, Panda Island, and Peyto Island.

Complete quests where possible, but don't complete quests that take you to other continents (unless, of course, you want to, because this is not your boss)

Dreamgull Island follows (the quest here is so tedious and lengthy, but it's worth it), Golden Wave Island, White Wave Island, Kalterz, and Shadow Island.

To complete Tier 1, you must complete the islands in this order before traveling north to Shushir. This means that you will have a lot of coins and materials to upgrade the basic set of equipment 302.


6. Go to Rohendel with 460 gear points

You've upgraded your gear, and now it's time to head west to Rohendel, the next continent in the game's main storyline. Here you need to complete the quest to open Chaos Dungeons and Abyss Dungeons. And now, the extraction of T2 content begins again.

Time to go sailing again for more mats to upgrade.

Visit Peyto, Faumon, Ivana, Little Luck, Liebeheim, Revelry Row, Twisted Island, Outlaw Island, Twilight Island, Gravis Island, and Hypnoss Island. Complete all possible quests. You overdo it with tasks.

The main objective is to complete the Dreamgull mission by playing the Resonance song three times during the Lullaby Island event.

You also want to install Bi Frost on Lullaby Island, Peyto, and wherever you complete daily quests.

Use the ocean liner to get from Rohendel to the other side of the world if you're pressed for time.

After completing the tasks on the island, the extraction of materials of the second tier begins.


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