Madden 18 & The Top 5 Rated Teams: 4 Types Of Player Development Traits

igsstar Date: Nov/25/17 16:42:48 Views: 1379

In Madden 18, there are 4 types of player development traits: Slow, Normal, Quick, Superstar. It's impossible to scout a player's Dev trait, but you can use Draft Stories to help predict whether a player will be a Superstar, Quick or Slow dev. In addition of players, there are the top 5 rated teams, we will reveal these teams, all 32 NFL teams officially have overall stats in Madden NFL 18. 



The Top 5 Rated Teams Are As Follows: 

Atlanta Falcons - 91 overall, 80 defense, 89 offense

Dallas Cowboys - 89 overall, 83 defense, 88 offense

Pittsburgh Steelers - 88 overall, 84 defense, 89 offense

Green Bay Packers - 88 overall, 81 defense, 90 offense

New England Patriots - 93 overall, 88 defense, 92 offense


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