Madden 18 Patch: The Update 1.06 Focuses On Passing And Fixing Issues

igsstar Date: Nov/10/17 14:24:43 Views: 1377

The game's patch is matter to the progress of the game. The Madden 18 patch fixes a crash scenario that could trigger in Franchise mode when moving through menus quickly. What's more, the update fixes a problem where Madden Ultimate Team auction house filters would reset before they should. In fact, the patch also addresses the much-talked about Gun Monster formation. 



The Madden 18 patch also makes it so the quarterback can dive while scrambling, something that apparently wasn't possible before. It's worth noting that the patch clears out a problem where the ref would spot the ball incorrectly after a flubbed punt. Check out the full patch notes here to see what's new and changed, visit the official website here, we will irregularly update the latest news, definitely is what you want to know. 


Madden 18 update 1.06 tweaks pass accuracy, the update focuses on passing, as well as addressing several issues in the game's Franchise and MUT modes. On Franchise, here is everything the update brings: 


Made stability improvements

Updated NFL records for Offline 

Addressed issue displaying certain menus in 4K

Addressed issue around Injured Players not showing up as being on the IR when starting a franchise via Play Now Live


Hence, the patch has a great impact on playing the game. Before the players plan to enjoy the game, you should first know the game's related patches. In order to play the game with smoothly and successfully, you also should buy madden 18 coins at the first time.