Madden 18's Longshot Goes Through A Pleasantly Wonderful Progression

igsstar Date: Oct/26/17 04:24:26 Views: 1274

In Madden 18, the most recent attempt comes in the form of Longshot, the brand new story mode included in Madden 18. This game brings players to fabulous life, most of Longshot is indeed cinematically based. The story actually goes through a pleasantly wonderful progression. Longshot's conclusion feels satisfying and not too perfect. 



Franchise mode lets players follow or play along as the real-life season proceeds. This is a neat feature, but one most Franchise enthusiasts will likely blow by. Play Now Live is a fun exhibition feature that allows you to play current week matchups. Madden 18 could do better, visuals are the first thing that come to mind. 


If you're the person that doesn't like sports games, give Longshot a look, or even view website. While Longshot certainly provides the best looks in Madden 18, gameplay visuals feel lagging. For players who play the heck out of Franchise Mode, it is still a huge reason to come to Madden 18 once again this year. 


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