Madden 22: What are the scouting tips in the franchise mode?

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In Madden 22, franchise and Ultimate Team are the most popular modes among players. However, you want to get the best experience in the franchise model. Need to know some scouting tips in franchise mode. Therefore, this article will share What are the scouting tips in the franchise mode in Madden 22.

Madden 22: What are the scouting tips in the franchise mode?


To gain an advantage in the Madden 22 franchise model, it is not a way to build the future without spending too much money or MUT 22 coins on the players. If you do it the right way and stay smart in scout points, you might even pick some of the best sleeping players in the next few rounds. However, before you start looking for players and picking them, there are a few things you need to understand.


Scouting Tip 1: Choose The Right Draft Class

First of all, you can't start scouting players before the third week of the season. So if you didn't see scouts in the franchise menu during the preseason and the first two games, don't worry.

After entering the third week, go to Scout College Players and choose a draft course. You can do one of three things:

  • Use auto-generated rookie
  • Download the beginner course from Madden Share
  • Import local files


The option you choose is entirely up to you-I like the randomness of the automatically generated beginner courses, so I always do this. This also provides the most balanced experience of all three options.

You can also download user-created draft courses from Madden Share. The good thing here is that these draft classes will have real players like Spencer Ratler and Sam Howell. Therefore, if you like college football and want the most authentic experience, be sure to consider this option.

The disadvantage is that some of these draft categories are more accurate than others, so it is best to sort them by preference. Just navigate to column L and click Square/X to sort. On the far right, you will also see the DL (download) column-use these two statistics to gauge which draft course seems to be the most popular in the community.

If you think this course is very realistic and can help the community, please remember to leave a like!

Also, don't worry about choosing the wrong class-you can always click L3 on the Scout screen and select "Edit Draft Class" to select a different file. If you do this, all player attributes will be hidden, so you must spend scouting points to discover them again.



Scouting Tip 2: Use 100% of Scouting Points

When you have not used up all the scout points, only 50% of the remaining points will roll over to the next week.

Therefore, if you do not use 40 points, your points will increase by 20 points next week. It may seem that you have 20 more points now, but in reality, you are only wasting 20 points. It takes time and investment to find the best young players for your team, so don't be stingy with these scouting points.

Don't worry-even if you use up all your points in a week, you will get enough points to scout 5-7 new players (175 points per week).



Scouting Tip 3: Only Scout The Players You Need

Since you only have a limited number of weeks and a limited number of scouting points before the draft, be strict when choosing the players you will scout.

You will notice in my screenshots that I am not looking for QBs and HBs-that is because my Carolina Panthers have very talented players in these positions and I am very happy to continue to develop in the next few years.

Identify the key positions you need to fill and scout these players. You can do this easily by going to the management roster -> Improve Team and pressing R2/LT to see which positions are key. As you can see, the Panthers have an LT problem that I (hope) will solve in the draft.

Another thing you may need to pay attention to is draft orders. On your scout screen, you can click on R1/RB to view your predicted pick. So, if you want to draft at the 32nd overall (like me), don't waste time and points to find the top 10 picks.

Following these Madden 22 scouting tips, you will be one step closer to building a successful team. Remember to scout players every week and look for talent for each round of the draft. Although it may be tempting to find the best talent, be realistic and reserve your scout for those players you really need and have a chance to get Fraction.