MapleStory Class-Choosing Guide

igsstar Date: May/11/17 16:21:37 Views: 1433

What is a class?

In MapleStory, these are called jobs. They determine what weapons you use, what skills you can use, different armors and weapons you can use, all of that stuff. Now, what ARE the classes? There are five general classes: Thief, Bowman, Warrior, Magician, and Pirate. Each of these jobs divide into sub-classes, which go into more specific details of you class which help you master the aspects of the class you like. I love listed the sub-classes here based on there popularity, 1st being the most popular (please do not base your decision on the popularity of the class): 1. Assassin (Theif sub-class) 2. Cleric (Magician Sub-Class) 3. Bandit (Thief sub-class) AND Hunter (bowman sub-class.) (These two sub-classes have about the same popularity.)4. Fighter (warrior sub-class) AND Ice/Lightning wizard (magician sub-class) (These two classes have about the same popularity.) 7. Spearman (warrior sub-class) 8. Brawler (Pirate sub-class) 9. Gunslinger (Pirate sub-class) 10. Fire/poisin wizard (Magician sub-class) 11.Crossbow man (Bowman Sub-class) 12. Page (Warrior sub-class)

Now onto the main part, choosing your class. 

PAGE: If you like using flashy skills and huge cool-looking weapons, this class is right for you. Pages use mainly holy skills and hammers, and swords for their weapons.

CROSSBOW MAN: If you like long-range, huge power, and using stradegy while training, Crossbowman is right for you. Crossbowmen have a wide variety of skills used for killing monsters effectively and cleverly in battle. Crossbowmen use crossbows for weapons.

FIRE/POISIN WIZARD: Do you like watching creatures whither slowly and painfully away to their doom? Well that is just disturbing, but if you do, Fire/Poisin wizard is right for you. Fire/ Poisin wizards use fire and poisin (no duh) to attack their enemies. Fire is damaging and cool, and poising drains away the monster is hp. Fire/Poisin wizards use wands and staves for weapons.

GUNSLINGER: Ever played a first-person shooter? Well gunslingers are nothing like that. But they do use guns, which is SWEET. If you like shooting things to death, a cop- I mean gunslinger is right for you! Gunslingers use guns and bullets as weapons.

BRAWLER: Every dreamed of being a boxer and punching your foes to death to release your anger? I suggest therapy AND being an infighter. Brawlers use knuckles to punch their enemies.

SPEARMAN: Do you like huge weapons and  dragons? Then spearman is right for you, because later in the game, spearmen gain many skills that have dragon animations, and really, they look just plain AWESOME. Spearmen use spears and pole-arms for weapons.

ICE/LIGHTNING WIZARD: Ever dreamed of wielding the powers of electricity and/or ice? Ice/lightning wizards do just that. They use wands and staves for weapons.

FIGHTER: Ever dreamed of being a warrior, with sheilds and swords, rescuing princesses, fighting of many monsters, and going on anti-drug commercials? Well you only do half of that if you become a fighter, but they are still cool. Fighters use swords and axes for weapons.

HUNTER: Ever seen those guys shooting tiny stuff in mid-air with a bow. If you want to do that, do not expect to do that in a video game (seriously, why would you want to do that in a video game anyway?) But you do get to have bows and arrows and shoot stuff with them.

BANDIT: Ever thought of killing someone with a knife and watching the horrible death... not. But if you become a bandit, you get the knife, and probably some of the coolest looking skills in the game (just ask any bandit, or anyone that knows about bandits.)

CLERIC: Every wanted to be the true hero of the group, but your modest and no one thinks you actually did anything? Well that is what a cleric is all about. Clerics are pretty much MapleStory is ONLY support class. Support classes heal the party, provide the party with valuable buffs (power-ups kinda), etc. Clerics use wands and staves for weapons.

ASSASSIN: Last but not leat, the assassin! Now I know what your thinking, and yes you will be jumping around everywhere and killing everything in sight. Assassins use throwing stars and claws (the thing that you use to throw the throwing stars.) Just do not get ticked off by people thinking you are a jerk just cause your and assassin though.