MapleStory Key Shortcut Tips

igsstar Date: May/11/17 16:21:37 Views: 1257
The following are keyboard shortcuts, most of which you will memorize naturally as you play the game.

Note that to add ability points every time you level (lvl) press "S" and "K" to open the windows where you can do that.

Alt= Jump

Ctrl= Attack

F1= Angry Face

F2= Happy Face

F3= Annoyed/Whistling/Kissing face

F4= Pouting/Crying face

F5= Mad Face

F6= Shocked face

F7= Disappointed face

Scroll Lock= Take Screen Shot

S= Stats

K= Skills

V= Sit on a bench or chair

Z= Pick up item/meso

I= Check Item Inventory

E= Check equipments-what you are wearing

R= Buddy List

P= Party List

G= Guild List

Q= Quest List

H= Whisper to someone

M= Enlarge/Minimize map

W= Check world map

= configure controls

/find (name) Find that person

/invite (name) invite someone to chat with you

/trade (name) trade with that pereson

/partyinfo checks the party is info : P

/partyleave leaves current party

track= to find a person (usually used in party


Try to remember them and practice as often as you can ! Have fun !