MapleStory Merchanting Tips

igsstar Date: May/11/17 16:21:37 Views: 1260
There is best way to make huge amounts of Mesos quickly in MapleStory - to do Merchanting . The term Merchanting in the game means you buy items at low prices and subsequently to sell them at high prices to other Maplers in the game to make a lot of mesos for yourself. Read the following tips ang you will know how to do .



1. You will need to set up a free market shop for yourself. You will need to sell many items that you have bought or collected, or had other players collected for you in the game.

2. It is also great to get a good reputation of having good items for certain quests or rare items that people are looking for so that other Maplers will come to you for buying and selling of items.

3. The final key is staying up to date on items. You do not want to get left behind, because like Wall Streets, prices for the items are changing every day, it is very important to stay up to date on the prices for your items and keep on top of your inventory if you really want to make more MapleStory mesos.

4. Lastly, Merchanting is all about skills, the more buys and sells you perform, the better and more seasoned you will get!


Hope you can make mesos fast ... Enjoy yourself and good luck to you !