MapleStory Party Quest Bosses

igsstar Date: May/11/17 16:21:37 Views: 1481
Party Quests in MapleStory are cooperative tasks where a group of people progress through a series of challenges which normally culminates in a boss fight.  Read the following list of party quest bosses and you will which they are ...



King Slime

Found at the end of the first party quest located in Kerning City.

Summons Slime 



Found at the end of the second party quest located in Ludibrium.
Summons Chronos, Platoon Chronos, and Master Chronos

Poison Golem

The boss of the Forest of Poison Fog Party Quest in Altair Camp of Elin Forest, for levels 45 to 55. Defeating one form will cause the next to appear.


Papa Pixie

Found at the end of the third party quest located in Orbis.

Summons Death Pixie

Lord Pirate

This is the boss of the Herb Town Party Quest, for characters from level 55-100.



This is the boss of the Romeo and Juliet Party Quest in Magatia, for levels 71-85.


Geist Balrog

This is the boss of the Amorian Challenge! Party Quest, for married characters over the level of 40.

Grandma Tree

This is the boss of the Valentine is Party Quest, for any party of two consisting of a male and a female.



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