MapleStory Sharenian Guild Quest

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1) Many strong (level 80+ recommended) players to fight.

2) Thief with dark sight

3) Magician with maxed teleport or an Assassin with flash jump maxed

4) Ranged Character

5) One character under level 30

6) Thief with max haste

Sharenian Entry Stage
First you must hit the purple gems that are stuck to the wall after that a earring will drop, this you must wear for the remainder of the Guild Quest. If you take it off, you will die instantly and be teleported back to the entry stage again. Off to the First stage.

0GP for this stage


Sharenian Stage 1

A big map with lots of statues. They will flash in a certain order, and your party must hit the statues in the same order. People in the group will have to split up and watch different statues. Whenever someone sees a statue flash, they should call it out and remember which it was.

It is recommended that you get two guild members to watch either side of the map, and each calls out the number of the statue in the sequence when they see one flash (i.e. when the first statue flashes, the one who sees it shouts "one", so the other person knows that the next statue is the second, and not the first). All other guild members should refrain from talking during this stage to make it easier for those doing the statues to see the other is shouts.

This must be done 3 times, first with 4, then 5, and finally 6 statues flashing.

15GP for this stage


Sharenian Stage 2

Required classes

Magician with Teleport
Thief with Dark Sight
Hermit with max Flash Jump or Magician with max Teleport
You have to collect 4 Spears of Longinus to pass this stage.

For the first spear:

1) You have to kill Muscle Stone Golems

2) The magician teleports past the rubble to get some keys

3) Then the thief with dark sight has to take the keys past some super strong monsters (similar to the high damage monsters in the Ludibrium PQ) and go through the door

The other spears are reached after passing some jumping quests. Then they need to be put in another room that requires MORE jumping. You may only carry one spear at a time.

NOTE: To pick up a spear you must jump and press z to pick it up.

25 GP for this stage


Sharenian Stage 3
You need to collect four items by:

1) Killing Black and Myst Knights

2) Breaking boxes and bottles

The next part is similar to a game of Mastermind. You have to place the items, one in front of each statue, until you find the correct ordering. If you get it wrong, the NPC will tell you how many items are in the correct location, and a few enemies will spawn. Failing 7 times will reset the ordering required to something else, and many enemies will spawn.


1) Correct means item is in right spot

2) Incorrect means item is in the combination but in the wrong spot

3) Unknown means that the item is not in the combination at all.

4) Only the GPQ leader can see what is wrong or right.

5) The maps are made so that only the person who picked up the items first can pick it up, like the Christmas Trees.

25 GP for this stage.


Sharenian Stage 4
Required classes

Character less than level 30

Collect 4 items for a skeleton to pass this stage Room requirements:

1) Character less than level 30 has to enter and kill enemies (Devil Slimes)

2) Jumping puzzle

3) Killing enemies : Gargoyles on the bottom will continue to spawn until the top gargoyle is killed

4) Another jumping puzzle

The items have to be dropped in front of the skeleton. The top gargoyle can be reached not only by flash jump, but also by a sin with maxed haste and Keen eyes, as well as an archer with maxed Eye of the Amazon. This method takes a bit longer but is useful if a hermit is not available. Haste is also unnecessary, provided the character has the equivalent amount of speed and jump from their equipments or potions (The new item, Victoria is Amorian Basket, adds 40 speed.).

30GP for this stage


Sharenian Stage 5

One character drops their earrings for the door (dying in the process). It is recommended that the character below level 30 is used for this since EXP will be lost, and it will have the least impact on them since they can not aid in the boss fight anyway. Unlike most PQs, The character that dies may walk back to the throne room to continue fighting.

0GP for this stage


Sharenian Boss Stage


Level: 115
HP/MP: 1,700,000/150,000
EXP: 150,000

To summon the boss, destroy the crystal above his throne. Then kill him.

As long as one character is still alive in the boss room, other Guild members may return to the map after death.


1) Four statues surround the boss, killing these is not mandatory but will make your life easier.

2) Each of the statues has a special attack. For example Knight Statue B has an attack that reduces HP and MP to 1.

3) If you have a Level 110+ Chief Bandit with Meso Explosion, your Guild can spare about 700,000 mesos for him to use Meso Explosion. Drop them in sacks of 25,000 mesos, but it might take some time. Almost guaranteed to kill Ergoth in about 5 seconds.

4) There is a special "mouse hole" that appears in the room directly outside the Throne room, and can be used to access a special safe platform that is located in the boss room. Low level players can stay safe up here and be used as the last character in the throne room should all attackers die. Hitting the chain will cause the chandelier above Ergoth to drop down and deal minor damage. The only way out of this area is by hitting the iron maiden and dying, so do not go up if you want to participate in the boss fight, or if you are the leader of the quest (the one who registered).

5) WARNING: While with maxed Haste turned on, DO NOT drop the Rubian right below the ledge on the left in mid-jump, or it may just end up on the ledge, irretrievable.
GP for this stage varies based on how quickly the Guild Quest is completed. If completed in 20 minutes, as much as 850 GP can be obtained, while a completion time of 40 minutes will net approximately 400 GP. The amount varies between these two numbers based on completion time, decreasing somewhat drastically at first and eventually leveling off.


Sharenian Bonus Stage

40 seconds to break boxes in the bonus stage, just like the Ludibrium party quest. Prizes are similar to the Ludi PQ bonus prizes, except that the boxes may drop scrolls and boss summoning sacks. In versions with 4th job advancement, they can sometimes drop Mastery books which are required to raise the skill level cap for skills.