MU Legend Is The Most Talked About The Action MMO Game

igsstar Date: Jul/25/17 16:23:32 Views: 1180

A long time ago, when sekneum, the god of destruction, awakened. Create sage kundun sealed him within his body. A thousand years have passed since then Kundun became the monarch of darkness. Having lost the fight against sekneum inside him. The world is coming to an end. Now, the imperial city of lorencia is the only place left standing. Go to kethotoom, the lair of the dark monarch and help Icarus seal away the monster. Do you want to know more details about the origin of the game? Reference from here



Webzen, there is no doubt that it will handle more game operations, as the company's headquarters and they own the IP to MU. They are about to release more new trailers and news. Some gamers emphasized that they began playing the game, they deem that the game is similar to D3, but, both are different in some aspects. MU Legend is based on Unreal Engine, the game with more world map, content and new features. 


Webzen officially revealed that the Open Beta Test of MU Legend will be opened in september. With an updated visual graphcis, new features like 5V5 system and more. As we know already, MU Online is called today MU Legend, in addition, MU Legend is to keep the spirit and the best elements of the original MU Online. 


MU Legend is currently the most talked about the action MMO game. The game has great action driven gameplay and character and skill customization. If you never try out to play the game, definitely worth a try and i think you would really love it. Directly access to official website to buy cheap MU Legend Zen and MU Legend Power Leveling