MU Legend: Looking Back On The CBT And Looking Forward To OBT

igsstar Date: Jul/13/17 04:34:24 Views: 1136

Webzen continue to study the new MMORPG MU Legend in the Global Open Beta Test. In MU Legend, you can see the Battleground Altar of Spirits PvP 5x5, the passage of mission maps Endless Tower and Blood Castle, as well as the final boss in the epic dungeon Dragon's Heaven. You will also be able to compete with a huge number of opponents, explorations of scenic locations, craft and so forth. 



More recently, the Global Open Beta Test of the MU Legend from Webzen was announced the release date, is planned for started in September. Especially for some gamers whose are eager to know more news in relation to the Global OBT, U4GM prepared a large review of the version, and different suggestions from avid fans, you can go to website to know more. 


The developers thanked all the participants of the past test for the support of the game, previously, the game undergone twice the Closed Beta Test, the second Global Closed Beta Test have been held in early 2017. Most likely, in the near future, we will soon see new content from the upcoming Global Open Beta Test. 


The community actively continues to study MMORPG MU Legend in the Global Open Beta Test. In fact, the feel of fans are important to the developer and publisher of the game, so the current plan implies the availability of an international version for the game. What's new in the game? what's the interestingness of the game as a whole?U4GM is the most worth visiting website to buy cheap MU Legend Zen & MU Legend Power Leveling