NBA 2K18: The New Features Of MyGM And MyLEAGUE Modes

igsstar Date: Jul/29/17 14:12:08 Views: 1281

In addition to new screenshots, 2K gave some details about the new features of MyGM-MyLEAGUE modes in NBA 2K18. While the MyCAREER mode focuses on the life of an NBA player, MyGM: The Next Chapter will allow you to put yourself in the shoes of a former star of the league after GM after a dirty knee injury occurred in Dallas one night of May 2011 and in Western Conference Finals. Either completely on the other side of the mirror, and there also with a real scenario and choices that constantly modifies it.



2K18 will take into account the new CBA (Collective Bargaining Agreement, with all its rules: Super Max Contracts, Exception Amounts, Minimum Annual Salary, Over-38 Rule, Stretch Provision...), will integrate the sending of players in G- League and the famous Two-Way Contracts, the inclusion of 'Draft-and-Stash', access to advanced stats or the possibility of creating a jump shot from A to Z. It will also be possible to add of newly created players to a MyLeague backup (even at mid-season).



Players will also be able to re-locate their team in 10 new cities: Fort Worth (Texas), El Paso (Texas), Albuquerque (New Mexico), Tucson (Arizona), Fresno (California), Long Beach (California), Mesa (Arizona), Virginia Beach (Virginia), Colorado Springs (Colorado), and Raleigh (North Carolina). New jerseys, courts and rooms can be created.