Pokemon GO: It Is Said The GO Fest Will Feature Legendaries

igsstar Date: Jul/11/17 22:13:39 Views: 1096

We are all eagerly awaiting the moment when Niantic finally decides to share the legendary pokemon. That is why all the rumors are heating up the already hot atmosphere.



Probably some of you have already come across a "news" - or rather an unacknowledged note, which resembles those provided by Niantic before the start of an event. It is quite long, so I will not quote her in full but I will show you the most important points. According to a reliable source:


  • July 22 in Chicago at the GO Fest will feature legendaries from both generations and after the event also around the world;

  • Master Ball will be added to the game as a rare Raid Boss reward, Golden Pinap Berries, and Wepear Berries to double Stardust from captured Pokemon;

  • For some time in the game will be available a special version of Squirtles with the famous anime sunglasses, which was worn by the famous Squirtle Squad;

  • New selection of legendary-themed clothing will be added to the Legendary Pokemon;

  • New function related to Pokemon IVs checking: once we use Pokemon's appraisal, then in the view of our collection it will have the corresponding category IV color frame from red (for worst) to green (for best).