The Free Zone : Blizzard - Inching Towards F2P?

igsstar Date: May/11/17 16:29:23 Views: 1259
In today is Free Zone column, Richard Aihoshi takes a look at the recent announcement that World of Warcraft was free to play through the first twenty character levels. Richard looks at the decision from a gimmick perspective and from a business perspective and offers his thoughts on what the future may hold. Read on and see if you agree! In an open letter to his Activision Blizzard counterpart, GamersFirst CEO Joshua Hong was quick to congratulate the giant publisher, which he called ""the last bastion of the subscription-only online gaming business"", for taking the ""first big step"" toward F2P. To my mind, the latter three words focus on the crux of the Power Leveling. Has WoW made the first move in a direction that will bring further changes to the way the game operates? Or are we only seeing a one-off marketing shift where nothing further will follow?