The WoW Factor : Mage Talents 2.0

igsstar Date: May/11/17 16:29:23 Views: 980
In his latest WoW Factor, is Joseph Sanicky takes a look at the recently announced Talents 2.0 and at the challenge Blizzard has taken on with its ""elimination of the cookie cutter build"" mantra. See if you agree with Joseph is thoughts and leave a few comments when finished! The express purpose of the new talent system is to eliminate cookie cutters and introduce true choice and diversity into player builds, or so says Blizzard. Ignoring conspiracy theories of how this dumbs down the game or is marketing to tweens or whatever, this has the serious implication of truly fulfilling Blizzard is goal of meaningful choice…or just making everyone a cookie. cheap wow power leveling. First off now everyone has the same set of default abilities to work with dependent on their class. After that every member of the class who is a certain spec will have additional abilities for that spec. Furthermore you get to choose six spells from each tier in the new talents.