The WoW Factor : Putting the War Back in Warcraft - Part 2

igsstar Date: May/11/17 16:23:45 Views: 845
There are a lot of highly anticipated games coming down the pike this year and Blizzard Entertainment has had to start looking at World of Warcraft to find new, innovative ways to keep the aging game relevant in a changing MMO landscape. In today is WoW Factor, we take a look at how Blizzard plans to do just that. Read on! At BlizzCon when Chris Metzen began his talk, he started hinting at the phrase ""putting the War back in Warcraft,"" then suddenly changed his tune to Pandaria and the new expansion. I remember actually taking notes and writing down, PvP expansion for WoW! Sadly the topic has gone quiet since then. However, when Bill Murphy went to Blizzard for the press event to see Mists again, he got a taste of more ideas the team had been talking about in regards to Horde gold. Alliance PvP. Still, whispers and rumors are all anyone has heard for now.