The WoW Factor : Rifting into Azeroth

igsstar Date: May/11/17 16:30:10 Views: 1076
In a debut column at, Joseph Sanicky wends his way back into World of Warcraft is Azeroth after a long time away and after finding a spectacular community in, of all places, Rift. Check out Joseph is thoughts about MMOs, community and World of Warcraft in his debut column. Leave your thoughts in the comments. However, now a hole has been left in my life, an MMO sized hole that was left there when a game named Rift forced its way in where no MMO had before. wow gold. What happened was the group of tight-knit friends I play League of Legends religiously with all pre-ordered Rift and said ""Okay, we well see you in a few months if ever again!"" This left me kind of devastated, so I immediately bought the deluxe version of Trion is flagship game. Long story short, I leveled to max twice on two different servers, found a great guild, was working on progression material, and generally adoring the social aspect of the game. My vague, most likely incorrect memories of the boring gameplay World of Warcraft contained were being abolished by this new game and I couldnot decipher a reason why it was so. Then when the world came crashing down around my cleric and she was left alone in the middle of a raid full of angry enemies it hit me, albeit with the force of a boss massive fist.