The WoW Factor : Take My Money!

igsstar Date: May/11/17 16:30:10 Views: 928
After last week is blockbuster announcement that Diablo 3 would feature an in-game real world cash auction house, many players began to wonder whether or not something like this could end up in World of Warcraft. In today is WoW Factor, is Joe Sanicky offers a few thoughts about the viability (or not) of a cash auction house in WoW. See what you think! As I stood in front of the nameless Undercity Auctioneer looking for some cheap yet essential foliage to grind up for more potions, I wondered why the process of leveling my profession had to be so…gold intensive. After giving up on that endeavor I looked through the glyphs I still didnot have and teleported back to the front lamenting my lack of gold. At times like these I often wonder if I d be willing to throw down some cold, hard cash to alleviate my virtual wow power leveling. I love done it plenty in other games like Vindictus and League of Legends, why not in the biggest MMO of them all? Considering Blizzard is next title Diablo 3 will have a cash auction house side by side with the gold auction house, I figure it is not too far of a stretch that we could see such a thing in the future of World of Warcraft… right?