The WoW Factor : The Solo Scenario System

igsstar Date: May/11/17 16:34:23 Views: 1128
With the latest World of Warcraft game update, players now have the opportunity to advance the Thunder Isle story line through a variety of solo mini games. weve take a good look at the solo scenario system and have a great analysis to share. Read on before heading to the comments to leave your thoughts. The single player scenarios that were introduced in patch 5.2 come in two varieties. The first scenario is the Troves of the Thunder King which is a time-based mission in which you try to grab as much loot as you can before a five minute timer expires. The other type of solo scenarios are linked to the Isle of Thunder wow power leveling. As each stage of the Isle is unlocked, a one-time scenario becomes available that furthers the story of the assault. These allow players to see the story unfold in the event they are not logged in when a stage is completed.