The WoW Factor : What is a “WoW Killer?”

igsstar Date: May/11/17 16:23:45 Views: 850
This week is WoW Factor touches on a oft-discussed topic. Everyone is always looking for that game that will be a ""WoW Killer"" but what exactly does that mean? We take a look at the elusive ""WoW Killer"". wow gold. See what we think and then weigh in with your own thoughts in the comments. Last week is article caused quite a stir in the comments section and many of you derided the piece as either a roundabout method of talking about SWTOR or just a bit of bait for the community to start fighting the good fight. While many of your comments and opinions were a bit depressing to me (as this is an editorial, i.e. an opinion piece, and the content of each article is subject to me and me alone) I am glad with the discussion that sprouted around the last WoW Factor, explicitly in the talk about what constitutes a ""WoW Killer."" So this week I am going to display my outline and framework for what this mythical being must be to fulfil all of our speculation.