This World of Warcraft wedding is fantasy come to life

igsstar Date: May/11/17 16:56:23 Views: 943
One recently married couple loved World of Warcraft so much they decided to make Blizzard Entertainment is MMORPG the theme for their matrimony. The Offbeat Bride (via The Huffington Post) this week posted images of Jen and Nick is Warcraft-themed wedding and it is the ultimate fantasy come to life. The Warcraft-themed wedding (which took place in New Hampshire) included Alliance and Horde flags on the altar and the couple also crafted their own weapons based on items from the game. cheap wow power leveling. Tables at the reception were even named after World of Warcraft raid bosses. Jen and Nick did not meet in World of Warcraft, but that is where their relationship blossomed, Jen wrote on the website. Image credit: Stephanie Wales Photography ""He lived in New Hampshire at the time, and I was in Massachusetts, but we could talk through the game and grow together,"" she said. ""So the game became part of the wedding theme, since it was so integral to our relationship. We aimed for a balance between nerd and tradition."" The wedding wasnot all about Warcraft, however. Jen is processional music was the Game of Thrones theme, while the after-party featured ""Terra is Theme"" from Final Fantasy. On top of that, when Jen and Nick presented each other with rings at the altar, the ""Get Item"" sound from The Legend of Zelda played. Last month, BioWare recalled how two Mass Effect 3 players met, fell in love, and were eventually married. You can read that story here.