This Years Madden 18 Has Some Pretty Groundbreaking Change

igsstar Date: Nov/02/17 16:47:54 Views: 1530

Madden 18 is a mega-popular game, though, so it's not like it brushes off more casual players. Longshot is a fun addition to the game. The Frostbite Engine looks nice, but is still kind of buggy. Overall EA gets a pass with a decent Football game. Madden 18 offers some fun new additions. Longshot isn't perfect, but it's a big step in the right direction. For further reading of Madden 18 News & Guides, to get more information through here



The game is extremely ambitious. In Madden 18, whether fans are playing the casual arcade or the realistic simulator, in which there are injuries and flags in addition to increased failure rates, there are game modes for everyone. Madden 18 is a good game with many new perks, and it's headed in the right direction. This years Madden has some pretty groundbreaking change. 


Longshot is Madden NFL's first ever cinematic and playable story mode where your decisions lead forgotten prospect, Devin Wade on the pursuit to hear his name called on NFL draft day. Devin Wade, the main character, is not likable at all. All of the surrounding characters are incredibly annoying, especially the shows producer. 


More and more players have always loved Madden 18, this game is a more polished game. Madden 18 is yet another triumph for the series, and this year's big success story is the game's Longshot narrative. In a word, Longshot is an abysmal attempt at a deep, story driven game mode. On top of that, players are required to buy cheap madden 18 coins