Trove Sunfest Daily Login Bonus Celebration (July 12 To July 24)

igsstar Date: Jul/12/17 09:58:11 Views: 1503

A new event launched by Trove is going on! The Sunfest Daily Login Bonus Celebration which provide daily Golden Ticket Chests starts on July 12th and ends on July 24.


To see a huge mountain of mounts or a scorching hot stack of dragons, login to the Claims window and check the Golden Ticket Chests you get everyday, then you will find an assortment of items as top rewards. Check the possible prizes below.



Hyper Pinata EX mount


Once you mount up the pinata mount, your Trovian will sprout Pinata Wings. This special winged pinata can not only glide, but also fire off a powerful breath attack like a dragon.



Draconic Superiority Complex


It's a rare prize that will unlock 15 dragons: 


  • Erel, The Ironbolt

  • Yorinn, the Dusk Shadow

  • Erimatra, Scourge of the Everdark

  • Selene, the Celestial Storm

  • Panatea, the Partifier

  • Ludini, Patron of Playfulness

  • Fortras, the Herald of Battle

  • Albairn, Voice of Dawn

  • Aurim, Keeper of Histories

  • Dracocolatl, the Mellower

  • Thallasion, Shaper of the Currents

  • Drak-O-Lantern

  • Inora, Flame of the Enlightenment

  • Tysorion, Steward of new Beginnings

  • Tannenbomber, the Harbinger of Tidings


Raining More Mounts


It will lead to too many mounts to list in one place while this prize will unlock almost every mount in Trove world.


Besides, during the Sunfest Daily Login Bonus event, Players can get double XP, increased harvesting, more ore and the epic loot, two weeks of daily bonuses.


However, there will be an unusual invasion of ill-tempered Shadow Pinata brutes. You'll find pinata enemies not only in your trip, but also in the sky. If you defeat these pinatas invaders, you will be rewarded with Pinata Coins, a Pinatataur mount or a Hyped-Up Pinata mount from the Sunfest quests. The former can be traded in the Hub to Pinates the Purveyor for awesome rewards while the latter is a Dormant Worldspring Dragon Egg that can be used to craft Tysorion, Steward of New Beginnings.



The Sunfest Daily Login Bonus Celebration is here! Fresh rewards, every bonus active every day, and much more!