What you need to know about purchasing WoW Gold

igsstar Date: May/11/17 16:39:22 Views: 936
Lots of World of Warcraft lovers ask this question at least once during their gaming ""careers"". Finding the right answer is not hard at all, but I am going to answer either way: yes, it is legal to purchase WoW gold! Relax and leave the shock behind. It is legal to purchase or sell wow gold. ""But"", and this is a huge ""but"", purchasing money in World of Warcraft will most often have bad consequences. Banned account Your account can get banned. For instance, you can purchase gold from a farmer (through mail) and a master in games is flagged since, suddenly, your bank account goes through hoops overnight. Then your account and IP are banned by GM and everything vanishes. Hacked account What happens when your account gets hacked? Many sites where you can purchase WoW gold are packed with all sorts of keyloggers. The programs mentioned above log every single keystroke that is typed by users into the computer (this includes the account password and maybe the password from your bank account, credit card, etc.). As you can probably imagine, if someone knows all your important passwords, you are in a big trouble. Legal issues To the question: ""is buying WoW gold legal?"" the answer remains yes. But this is against the Terms of service of the game, and it screws up with your plans. There are lots of legal techniques through which one can get large amounts of WoW gold. The bad news is that they require plenty of complicated work. However, this depends on your desires and basically on a lot of different things too.cheap wow power leveling. For instance, your knowledge related to the game, the amount of time you are prepared to invest into auction house trolling or farming. And let us not forget about desire. Your personal desire is what stands at the bottom of everything. You would not be visiting this game or search for manners in which you can make W gold in a legal manner, right? The first two points represent great issues if we are to consider the persons who want to make legal gold in the fastest way possible. Time problems If you plan on reducing the amount of time needed to make gold in a legal manner, I suggest you use a guide in this area. The great gold guides can help you make up to 200+/hour. Legally! They give you the necessary information on the time you need in order to obtaining legal wow gold. Normally, the price for illegal gold varies from 120 dollars for 1000 or 50 dollars for 500. However, remember that the disadvantages will cost you more than this. Firstly, you have to pay a large sum of money (sometimes not even the monthly fee for one year is worth this much) and secondly, when the money you have will run off you will get back to having nothing.