Why is World of Warcraft so popular?

igsstar Date: May/11/17 16:39:22 Views: 963
There are three main reasons below. 1 it is a very large world with new things and places being added all the time; just walking from the tip of one continent (there are 3) to the most southern point can take up to 45 minutes on foot. From the Western coast to eh Eastern coast can take 30 minutes. That Doesnot include creatures and resources you might find on the way. 2It is also very easy to play to a so-so level; very good players spend a lot of time learning and honing their skills: a good healer is dang hard to find. :) A regular person playing an hour a day for 2 months can become the highest level but not very powerful in terms of gear. At the upper levels good gear can make or break a group you are in. wow gold.The harder the mob (opponent) the better the drop (material gotten from them) but it may take 5 people to kill XXX but he only drops a sword or a shield: you have to just bide your time and do the instance again to get what you want. 3It CAN be very social if you and friends are playing together or if you join a group of people called a guild. All in all it is a neat experience. it is even worth the mini icons. you do stuff so eay with it. you could even get support and help from the world of warcraft support line at the blizzard company.