World of Warcraft : Battle.Net Dial-In Authenticator

igsstar Date: May/11/17 16:39:22 Views: 865
The Blizzard Entertainment development team has introduced another tool for players to prohibit unauthorized access to one is Power Leveling. Called the ""Dial-In Authenticator"", it is not a physical USB device or a mobile phone application. Rather, it is a free opt-in service that monitors accounts. If an potentially unauthorized attempt is made to log into a player is account, a player is asked to provide more information via an 800 number. If you sign up for the Dial-in Authenticator, you will be asked to make a toll-free phone call from a specific phone of your choosing to authorize unusual login attempts with the associated account. Please note that you will only be asked to make this phone call when something about your login attempt appears out of the ordinary. For example, if you were to log in from a location from which you do not typically play, you may be asked to call in and provide your selected PIN and a unique, single-use security code before access to the account will be granted.