World of Warcraft : Cataclysm Class & Mastery System Update

igsstar Date: May/11/17 16:38:08 Views: 1182
Blizzard has posted a one page synopsis of the changes coming to the Class & Mastery Systems once Cataclysm goes live. Without any specific detail with regard to each class/mastery, the article outlines Blizzard is vision as well as highlights The Rise of Specialization and True Mastery. The active abilities unlocked with the initial talent tree selection are abilities that are core to the role being chosen. Our goal is to choose abilities that let the specializations come into their own much earlier than was possible when a specialization-defining talent had to be buried deep enough that other talent trees couldn’t access them. For example, having Lava Lash and Dual-Wield right away lets an Enhancement shaman feel like an Enhancement wow power leveling. Other examples of abilities players can now get immediately by choosing the related talent specialization at level 10 include Mortal Strike, Bloodthirst, Shield Slam, Mutilate, Shadow Step, Thunderstorm, Earth Shield, Water Elemental, and Penance.