World of Warcraft : Crabby the Dungeon Helper

igsstar Date: May/11/17 16:22:43 Views: 1595
The World of Warcraft team has announced that Crabby the Dungeon Helper will be arriving in a future content patch. Crabby is, as devs describe, an ""adorable and knowledgeable crustacean companion will guide you through the game with useful hints, tips, and tricks for every situation."" Crabby uses a complex and extensive set of context-sensitive situational heuristics to analyze your current status in real-time; that is tech talk for ""Crabby always knows what is up."" He watches your every move with his all-seeing eyes. Nothing escapes his unwavering gaze; not even the slightest nuance of your play style goes unnoticed.Wow power level. Before long, Crabby will know what you are going to do before you even do it. And he will use this knowledge to help. Crabby is able to tell you exactly what is going on and what you should do. His many useful tips will appear in the bottom right corner of your screen, where he hangs out, ever patiently, waiting for you to need his help. Of course, whether you follow his advice or not is entirely up to you; Crabby may possess an advanced level of artificial intelligence, but we are reasonably sure he Doesnot have any feelings you could hurt. Reasonably sure. But just in case, the ability to remove Crabby has been disabled for now.