World of Warcraft : Explorer is League Debuts

igsstar Date: May/11/17 16:39:22 Views: 932
As part of the ongoing release of new features and information on the World of Warcraft community site, a blog called ""The Explorer is League"" has launched. The blog tracks posts from the official World of Warcraft forums that are of intense interest to the community. wow gold.Included in the inaugural post are links to general Cataclysm topics, posts about classes, content changes, Blizzcon and regional match-making. Check it out! Well met, travelers! Welcome to the first entry in our ongoing Explorers League Journal. Together, we well embark on frequent journeys through the fascinating World of Warcraft community and investigate the latest developments and topics of interest being discussed throughout the lands. It wouldnot be a proper start without drawing your attention to the exciting live preview and impending official launch of the brand-new World of Warcraft community site! Now, let is dig deeper and explore the riches.