World of Warcraft : Female Draenei Revealed

igsstar Date: May/11/17 16:56:23 Views: 864
The much-beloved female Draenei is the latest Artcraft subject on the official World of Warcraft community site. The blog post, written by Senior Art Director Chris Robinson shows off screens of the new character model and offers some early insight into the design process. Hello again! I am Senior Art Director Chris Robinson, and today we wanted to give you a super quick look at our current progress with the new female Draenei. After the April Fools joke we wanted to ensure you werenot waiting too long to see where we are at with her actual character model update. cheap wow power leveling. Keep in mind that she is still in-progress, and Doesnot have any animation to pose her body or face. Animation is a big factor for the female Draenei specifically, so it is important to keep it in mind when comparing the two. The original female Draenei has some fairly extreme posing that happens when she is animated. If you were to see the static model of the original without any posing youd see that it looks very similar to the new one. With her pose applied her shoulders stretch backward, her pelvis rotates forward, and her chin lowers—causing her head to angle downwards. The curvature in her lower back, and why the head shape looks slightly different, are also due to the new model not having the same posing applied yet. She also looks a lot taller! Ultimately all of those things will be addressed when we animate the new model, they just do not take place until she is rigged and sent on to the animation team.