World of Warcraft : Hands On with Frostfire Ridge

igsstar Date: May/11/17 16:56:23 Views: 881
With Blizzcon 2013 safely behind us, it is time to start looking more closely at World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor. Our team managed some hands on time with Warlords and have some impressions to share. Read on for more before leaving your thoughts in the comments. What was exceptionally impressive was that the graphics overhaul had been baked into the demo. The new Orc and Dwarf character model were playable and I immediately took the chance to see how they looked. The game has needed a graphical boost for some time. The developers at Blizzard even said that they were happy with how long the original graphics had lasted, but it was time for a change. The Orc I had chosen to play seemed to move much faster and more fluid with the new system. buy wow gold. I am used to playing a shaman but the warrior ran perfectly and the attacks jumped off the screen. I did not demo the dwarf to see the difference, but if you watch some of the videos from BlizzCon you will see all of the races updated. We thought Undead looked the best with the new system, but they are not 100% ready to show off.