World of Warcraft : Legal Battle Over Baby Murloc is Voice

igsstar Date: May/11/17 16:34:00 Views: 785
According to Courthouse News Service, a legal battle has begun between Blizzard Entertainment and former World of Warcraft GM Amanda Lewis. The lawsuit alleges that Lewis submitted her vocal talents in consideration as the voice of the Baby Murloc in WoW. Lewis further alleges that she has received no credit or compensation for her work. The complaint continues: ""The appealing style and original content of Amanda is vocal work was recognized by Blizzard, which used Amanda is voice and an original song she developed to give life and personality to creatures known as baby wow power leveling. Murlocs are a type of aquatic humanoid creature common in WoW, and baby murlocs are a friendly and appealing version of murlocs that appear in various quests and are available as special player-owned pets.